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Breaking Down Hiring Barriers with Abbey Carlton of Indeed

Abbey Carlton, VP, Social Impact at Indeed, shares more about Indeed’s work to break down bias and barriers in hiring.

Indeed CEO Chris Hyams gives a presentation at the Leadership Connect Global Summit.

Why Responsible AI Is ‘Life or Death’

At the inaugural Leadership Connect Global Summit, Indeed CEO Chris Hyams and Dr. Safiya Noble discussed the importance of ethically using AI in hiring.

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How to Celebrate the Holidays Inclusively at Work

Indeed leaders share more on how to embrace the festive spirit at your company while creating an atmosphere where employees of all backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences feel like they belong.

A diverse group of people brainstorm business solutions during a work meeting

How DEI work is being threatened post-affirmative action ban and how companies fight back

Indeed’s LaFawn Davis explains how companies can double down on opening up their talent pool even amid attacks on equality.

Photograph of LaFawn Davis

Indeed SVP of ESG LaFawn Davis Named to Fast Company’s Annual Queer 50 List for 2023

For the fourth consecutive year, LaFawn Davis has been named to Fast Company’s annual Queer 50 list for 2023.

Indeed presents Rising Voices

Indeed, Hillman Grad, and 271 Films Looking for BIPOC Filmmakers to Tell The Story of the Future of Work for Rising Voices Season 4

Indeed is now accepting applications for Rising Voices Season 4.

Indeed Announces Inaugural Better Work Awards

Indeed has announced the winners of its inaugural Better Work Awards, honoring the Top Companies for Work Wellbeing in the U.S., UK and Canada for 2023.

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Make Your Company More Inclusive of People with Disabilities

Three experts share strategies to help empower companies to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

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Hispanic Heritage Month in the Workplace: ‘Celebrate With Us, Not for Us’

Jazmin Urrea and Cristian Feliciano, co-chairs of Indeed’s inclusion business resource group of Latine workers and allies, share insights and issues affecting Latine workers today.

A white employee looks at the camera in a living room setting

Indeed Is Offering $10,000 to Trans Workers Who Want to Relocate

At Indeed, we believe that everyone has the right to make the healthcare decisions that they feel are right for themselves and their families. We are proud to offer this benefit for U.S.-based employees who need to relocate to receive gender-affirming care for themselves or their families.

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The Work Wellbeing Score: Measuring Wellbeing to Improve the World of Work

Indeed has launched a newly enhanced Work Wellbeing Score to help company leaders measure, understand and improve the wellbeing of their workforce, while enabling job seekers to make more informed choices and find fulfilling work.

A diverse group of healthcare workers have a cheerful conversation

Indeed Report: The Gender Wellbeing Gap

Women are less likely to feel accomplished or fulfilled in their roles, be satisfied with their careers, or feel they’re paid fairly when compared to men, according to a new Indeed-commissioned report from Forrester Consulting.

Image is of two Black individuals sitting together. They are sitting in gray armchairs at a low table with mugs of coffee and writing in a spiral notebook. The person on the left is wearing a bright jacket with black and gold graphic design and black pants. The person on the right is wearing black, ripped jeans and a cream colored snakeprint button down shirt.

Keep Your DEIB Promises — Especially in an Uncertain Economy

“When you start to divest in DEIB at the first sign of economic hardship, for me, it actually sends a signal that the efforts were performative and never considered integral into the overall business strategy,” says Misty Gaither, VP of DEIB+ at Indeed.

Illustration that includes headshot of Valeria Orozco

Climate Change: Why It’s Time for Employers to Take Action

Indeed’s Head of Environmental Sustainability, Valeria Orozco, discusses why it’s vital for employers large and small to consider the impact of climate change on their employees, businesses, and the planet.


Conor Pfeifer (He/Him), account executive, enterprise sales for Indeed; and a co-chair for Indeed’s Pride ERG for the Americas

In Conversation: How Company Leaders Can Step Up for LGBTQ+ Employees

Two LGBTQ+ leaders from Indeed and Glassdoor discuss how company leaders can move beyond performative allyship and truly show up — especially now, amid restrictive legislation surrounding LGBTQ+ rights.

Indeed leaders join Rising Voices filmmakers and producers at the Season 2 premiere in New York City

Indeed, Lena Waithe, and Hillman Grad Productions Premiered ‘Rising Voices’ Season Three At Tribeca Festival

Indeed, Emmy Award-winning writer, creator and actor Lena Waithe and her Hillman Grad Productions celebrated Season Three of the Rising Voices filmmakers program at Tribeca Festival in New York City.

Headshot of Abbey Carlton

Hiring Advice For Employers That Wish To Be Truly Inclusive With Abbey Carlton of Indeed

Abbey Carlton, VP, Social Impact at Indeed, joins the RecruitingDaily podcast to explore inclusive hiring advice and strategies.

Illustration of a diverse group of job seekers

This is how the job market will suffer from anti-LGBTQ+ legislation

LaFawn Davis, SVP of ESG at Indeed, says companies need to realize that standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community is not just the right thing to do from a moral standpoint—it is smart business practice.

Headshot of LaFawn Davis, SVP of ESG

Business of Pride: LaFawn Davis of Indeed (Video)

LaFawn Davis, SVP of ESG at Indeed, talks education, representation, belonging and how companies can step up: “Ready or not, you have to create a place where people feel like they belong or you are going to lose incredible talent.”

Pride Illustration

Most LGBTQ+ employees are not comfortable being out at work. Companies are failing them

Indeed surveyed 732 members of the LGBTQ+ community to understand the landscape they are facing at work.

Skill Connect logo

Indeed Helps People Without College Degrees Get Jobs with Skill Connect

Indeed launches Skill Connect, a new product to help job seekers without college degrees better promote their skills and completed training programs to potential employers.

A diverse group of women wearing aprons prepare a meal

How Employers Can Remove Barriers to Second Chances

This article, co-authored by Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, Senior Director, ESG Partnerships & Programs at Indeed, discusses how employers can play a crucial role in expanding access to career opportunities for individuals with prior drug convictions by adopting fair chance hiring practices.

A diverse group of people brainstorm business solutions during a work meeting

For Second Chance Month, Indeed Shares The Steps We Took To Become a Fair Chance Employer

We believe that fair chance hiring is essential to our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB+) and to effective and efficient hiring.

An illustration showing several components often associated with the criminal legal system, including a gavel and the U.S. Supreme Court

On 4/20 and After: Giving Candidates with a Criminal Record a Fair Chance

Is your company overlooking potential candidates who have a record — from a crime that’s no longer illegal in some U.S. states?

A male job candidate of color at an interview

How this one shift can make your hiring practices more inclusive

Over 70 million Americans have a criminal record. Yet many employers still have discriminatory hiring practices toward job seekers with criminal records, say Abbey Carlton, Indeed’s Vice President of Social Impact, and Misty Gaither, Indeed’s Vice President of DEIB+.

A close-up shot of a pair of hands on a laptop keyboard

Working on it: Helping Refugees Navigate Employment

Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, senior director of social impact programs at Indeed, says migrants are facing extensive barriers in their employment search and the obstacles seem incessant.

Two people engage in a cheerful conversation at an Indeed event

This is the real cost of cutting diversity programs

Scaling back on DEIB initiatives because they’re considered “optional” sends a clear signal to employees, customers, and the community, writes Misty Gaither, Indeed’s Vice President of DEIB+.   

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Indeed survey finds 54% of Black employees have experienced discrimination at work

HR leaders should analyze current organizational practices and provide ongoing education.

A Black, male, subject matter expert delivering a presentation at an office

From supplier diversity to town halls, executives share how they’re honoring Black History Month in the workplace and through business initiatives

“There is an untapped benefit in hearing from internal talent who influence how we experience the workplace daily,” says Misty Gaither, Indeed’s Vice President of DEIB+.  

Headshot of LaFawn Davis, SVP of ESG

LaFawn Davis on why we need more happiness in the workplace

“As employees experience well-being in the workplace, they actually keep a company’s purpose in mind and the outcomes that a company wants to have,” says LaFawn Davis, Indeed’s Senior Vice President of ESG.

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Fair Chance hiring: an employer’s competitive edge

Hiring people with criminal records builds a more diverse workforce — and taps new talent pools during the Great Resignation.

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How Indeed approaches Fair Chance hiring

In 2004, the first employee hired at Indeed had a criminal record. 

A close-up of a handshake

How to implement Fair Chance hiring at your organization

With communities of color disproportionately affected by incarceration, fair chance hiring is one important area where companies can make an impact, giving all applicants an equal opportunity for employment.  

Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, LaFawn Davis, SVP of ESG at Indeed, and Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani of Hillman Grad Productions join Rising Voices Season 3 filmmakers

Indeed, Lena Waithe, Hillman Grad, and 271 Films Select 10 Filmmakers for ‘Rising Voices’ Season 3 – BIPOC Filmmakers To Offer Perspective on Future of Work

Indeed, the world’s number one job site, actor Lena Waithe and her company Hillman Grad, and 271 Films announced ten filmmakers  participating in season three of Indeed’s Rising Voices. 

World Wellbeing Movement illustration

Indeed Becomes Founding Member of World Wellbeing Movement

Indeed, a leading global hiring platform, has joined other leading companies as a founding member of the World Wellbeing Movement with an aim to improve wellbeing across society.

A father working from home smiles at his child

Need Workers? Hiring Job Seekers With a Criminal Record Can Be the Right Move

In a tight labor market, more companies are seeing the benefit of giving every candidate a fair chance.

A smiling Asian woman uses sign language

How Hiring People With Disabilities Can Revolutionize Your Company

Here’s a look at the benefits of hiring people with disabilities — and how doing so can revolutionize your company. 

A man wearing glasses and headphones looks at his computer screen

Accessibility Matters to Job Seekers— and It Starts With Your Website

Here’s what you should know about the importance of an inclusive website experience — and its potential impact on hiring.

LaFawn Davis, SVP of ESG, delivering a presentation on stage

No Job Seeker Left Behind: Three Steps to a Broader Talent Pool

An essential part of my work as Indeed’s SVP of Environmental, Social and Governance is breaking down bias and barriers in the hiring process, LaFawn Davis shares.

A diverse group of people raising their hands

Survey: Gen Z Expects Pay Transparency and Flexibility

Learn more about what Gen Zers need from their job searches and, ultimately, their careers. 

A smiling person wearing a hijab receives a handshake in an office setting

Make Unconscious Bias Training More Than Just a Checkbox Exercise

Unconscious bias training is crucial to understanding our own implicit biases and how they impact the workplace, as well as building more diverse and inclusive organizations.